About Olten
General Information
Thanks to trade, commerce, industry and well established schools, Olten has developed into a lively small town with 17'500 inhabitants and became the centre of a flourishing district. A wide cultural program and practically every type of sport offers recreation and relaxation. Olten is the ideal meeting place, appropriate rooms of every type and size as well as excellent gastronomical facilities cater for every taste. Olten is also called "the city in the green space" and the river Aare gives the city a very romantic touch. The traffic free old town offers a big choice for shopping.
The first time Olten was mentioned in a official document was in 1201. In 1407 the bishop of Basel sold Olten the City of Basel. Four years later was a big fire in town which gave rise to a big economic loss, in 1422 a second fire burnt all the significant houses and factories built by the city of Basel. Only after 20 years they built a new church. in 1532 Solothurn bought Olten from Basel and since then, Olten stays in the area of Solothurn. Until the 19th century, Olten was a very small city with less people, after the 2nd world ware Olten had a maximum inhabitants of 21'700. In the 19th and 20th century Olten grew up to an important city for Switzerland.
Situated in the central geography in Switzerland, Olten has optimal accessibility by all modes of transport. There are well and fast connections to Zurich, Basel and Lucerne as well as for the airports in Zurich and Basel.
Places to visit
The Oldtown
The small and lovely old town is the right place for having a short walk or make shopping. It is very interesting to watch all those historical buildings and very relaxing to feel the special atmosphere.
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