General information
The region of the lake of Thun in the Bernese Oberland is historic, mystic and touristic - a real place of power. Mild banks and valleys in combination with crests and gardens but also fruity vineyards and alps.

Therefore, Spiez is designated as a health resort. The whole tourism was originally developed by the force of the nature which lead to the construction of hotels and sanatoriums.

The bay of Spiez was always an ideal settlement area. The castle, the hill and the mountain of Spiez offered an ideal place for defence and the bay accumulated a save harbour. Still today the mild climate permits the cultivation of vine.

Beautiful is the walk along the beach with the view over the lake and the side vis-à-vis. Lido, village and the big choice of nice restaurants on the lake shore build a harmonic unit.
As excavations in the castle of Spiez prove, there have been already 1000 B.C. fortified colonies. The oldest certificated mentioning of the town goes back to the year 762 when the bishop Heddo from Strassbourg donated the church from “Spiets” and Scherzlingen (Thun) to the alsation claustral Ettenheim. Apparantly the name Spiez springs from the gaelic word “Spijates” which means corn. The history of the farmer-fishing and vintage village Spiez is close connected to the castle. The development of the castle goes back to the 10th/11th Century. At the foot of the castle areal the inhabitants lead a simple life. The Lediship was the essential connection with Thun and Unterseen. Around the middle of the 19 Century the steam navigation started the tourist development. With the building of the railway, Spiez became abruptly a very important traffic junction in the Bernese Oberland.
The climate and weather conditions in teh area of the lake Thun is pleasant without extreme variation of temperatures. During the summer months July and August are the average day temperatures between 16 and 27 degree Celsius, in the winter months January and February between -2 and 5 degree Celsius.
Location or arrival
With the train
International train connections via Berne - Lötschberg - Simplon (BLS); ICE Thunersee

Zurich - Spiez: 100km, 1h 40min
Basel - Spiez; 98km, 1h 45 min
Geneva - Spiez: 128km, 2h 30 min
On the road
Motorway from Geneva or Basel or Zurich (via Berne) until the end of the A6.
Places of interests
Spiez Castle
Early Romanesque castle church with high chancel, crypt and frescoes. Medieval castle: fortified tower with 13th Century graffiti, palace, Gothic rooms and kitchen. Baroque interior: banqueting hall with stucco work, furniture and paintings. Temporary exhibitions, concerts in the castle, castle grounds.
Niesen – Lake Thun’s own Pyramid
The funicular takes you up to an altitude of 2336m. The stairway that runs parallel to the Niesen funicular has a total of 11,674 steps, which according to the Guiness Book of Records makes it the world's longest stairway. From the Niesen Kulm you have a wonderful panoramic view of the Bernese Alps, down into the Simmen and Frutig valleys and over Lake Thun. The Niesen Kulm mountain guest-house is renowned for its raclette evenings.
The historical castle and the picturesque Old Town, the parks and promenades, the lake and the Alps in the background provide a unique setting for Switzerland's thenth largest city. Thun, the city of the Alps, has been a regional center for hundreds of years. Visitors will find markets, exhibitions, concerts and many other attractive cultural events in Thun.
Mystery Park
The Mystery Park consists of seven theme worlds arranged in a circle around the Mystery City. A glass corridor links the theme worlds with each other and with the Mystery City. The theme worlds bring you closer to the great mysteries of our world in varied and exhilarating fashion. Step inside and rediscover the real meaning of astonishment.
St. Beatus Caves
On the east bank of Lake Thun, in the immediate vicinity of the holiday town of Interlaken, the St. Beatus Caves reach far into the interior of the mighty Niederhorn massif. Legend has it that this monumental natural construction, fashioned over millions of years, served St. Beatus as a safe refuge in the 6th century. Whereas in the 18th century the picturesque Pilgrims' Path was the only access, the popular St. Beatus Caves are nowadays easy to reach by boat, bus or car.
Jungfrauregion – Top of Europe
100% guarantee of snow & ice! The Sphinx observation hall and terrace, the glistening Ice Palace, a walk on the eternal snows of the Jungfrau plateau. Amazing all- year-round attractions on the Jungfraujoch-Top of Europe! The Ice Gateway links the Ice Palace with the glacier plateau. Experience the high-Alpine winterworld at close quarters - in all four seasons and in all weathers - from the shelter of this innovative new building.
Schilthorn – Piz Gloria
The Schilthorn, the longest aerial cableway in the Alps and the steep snowy slopes provided the perfect location for thrilling action scenes in the James Bond film "On Her Majesty's Secret Service". An incomparable setting, dramatic views of snow-covered mountain peaks and a modern aerial cableway gliding all the way to the mountain summit, led United Artists to choose the Schilthorn as a stage for their spectacular production.
In Spiez you will find a big range of different cultural events such as:
- the performance of the Spiezer castle act
- the swiss film and videofestival
- concerts in the spiez castle and chamber orchestra
- occasions from the cultural association and the library association
- the Open-Air-Cinema which takes place in the bay
- outdoor musical at the lake of thun with annual changing programms
Sport facilities
The Bernese Oberland is heavenly for hikers. Our network of trails covers every degree of difficulty, from the simple to the strenuous. You will find a multiple choice of walking and hiking tours in the Lake Thun region. You will never forget the breathtaking view from the Lake to the Alps.
Taking a walk
Over the mountain of Spiez to the bay several hectares of vineyards invite you to walkaways and boardwalks. Directly along the lake the walk takes you from Spiez to Faulensee.
Other activities in the surroundings
Sailing (own sailing school), Surfing, Tennis, Minigolf, Bike-Downhill-Ride, Aquabiking.
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