General Information
Vulpera, part of Tarasp Municipality, enjoys a great location on a sunny plateau, 1270 meters above sea level and overlooks the Inn River and is adjacent to the Swiss National Park. Because of its mild climate and rare rain during Summer & Autumn it became a privileged holiday resort in Grisons.
Vulpera lies on a plateau above the river Inn, and is surrounded by a beautiful forest just next to the breathtaking Castle Tarasp. Vulpera is a place for relaxation as well as being active. The Swiss National Park is just a short drive away.
The Castle of Tarasp, the famous church paintings at Lavi, and the villages of Ardez and Guarda that are protected historical sites, and have been awarded numerous cultural prizes. These are some of the culutural and historical highlights of the Lower-Engadin holiday region.
From the well kept plateau with the Villa Wilhelmina in the centre and the view over the mountains a small path leads down towards a little pond. This is where nature and culture are united: the pavilion, the sensation from the rippling water and the many walking trails are inviting to linger.
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