General information

Cham is the oldest municipality in the canton of Zug and is one of the most beautiful seaside communities in central Switzerland. The Vilette Park directly on the lake and the idyllic countryside characterize the community, as the traditional and modern village around the church of St. Jacob. An extensive network of hiking and biking trails leads through flat Pre-Alps terrain down to Lake Zug.

6000 years ago, the area around Cham was already populated. In 858 A.D. King Ludwig the German donated the Court “Chama” to the of the Fraumuenster Monastery in Zurich.
In 1360 Cham received the city rights. The bear has been the heraldic animal of Cham since 1608. The Wakker Prize for the meaningful handling of the building fabric, the green and traffic areas was awarded to the city of Cham in 1991.
Cham is one of four communities in Switzerland that holds the European Energy Award Gold award. This was awarded to the community in 2004.

The climate in Cham is located in the moderate temperate zone. There is a lot of rainfall throughout the year. Even the driest month still has a lot of rainfall.

The municipality of Cham is located in the canton of Zug and is 6 km (3.7 miles) away from the city of Zug.
The city is well connected by public transport. It takes 40 minutes by train to Zurich and 25 minutes to Lucerne. By car, Cham can be reached within 30 minutes from Zurich or within 15 minutes from Lucerne.

Villette Park
The spacious and magnificent Villette Park with its impressive old trees is located directly on the Lorzen river. It was artistically created in 1865 in English style. With its 46,000 sq m, it is the most popular recreational area of the population. In the middle of the park is a villa built in 1866, which can be used as a cultural and meeting center with restaurant, banquet, concert and exhibition rooms.

Church of St. Jacob
The late Baroque building is the only monumental hall church in the canton of Zug from that time. The late Gothic tower on the lower floors, which is still present, dates from the second half of the 15th century. In recent years, the church has been renovated and now shines again in the new splendor of the old days.

City of Zug
The city of Zug is characterized mainly by the beautiful old town. The landmark of the historic center is the 52 m (170 ft) high Zytturm towering over the other old towers. Another attraction is the Lake Zug itself. Guests can enjoy cruises or enjoy the romantic sunset on the lakeside promenade.
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