About Chur
General Information
Chur at 1800 ft. above sea level is the Capital of the canton of Grisons, Switzerland's holiday corner. Chur has 34,000 inhabitants. Evidence of Chur's 5,000 years old history is still to be found. The cathedral, the Raetian Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts and the Nature Museum are in particular well worth a visit.
The canton of Grisons was founded in the year 1803. Chur has a history that goes back to the year 3,000 BC and is therefore more than 5,000 years old. The most ancient of the Swiss towns and one of the oldest towns north of the alps.
Places to visit
High above Chur is Brambruesch. This beautiful destination offers something for everybody. Hiking in summer with breathtaking views on Chur and the Rhine-Valley. Skiing and snowboarding in Winter, so close to the City. Several restaurants and huts make sure that the culinary desires of the guests in Brambruesch are taken good care of. This is where the guests sit on the terrace in the middle of pure nature, let the sun shine in the face and enjoy the beautiful scenery. More adventurous tourists take a sleigh ride at night from Brambruesch down to the Valley.
The Cathedral
Settled in prehistoric times, this was also the location of a Roman castle. In 451 first bishop residence with simple church. In the 8th century a cathedral of Carolingian style was built. Some ornaments of this cathedral still remain (marble panels under the altar of St. Laurentius and St. Fidelis) The present cathedral was built between 1150 and 1272. Romanesque work can be found on the upper part of columns as well as on the apostles' columns. It also has a Gothic-styled tabernacle (1484).
The Rathaus - Town hall
Where structures had been destroyed by fire, two buildings were constructed in 1464 and connected to the hall in 1540. This was the market place and warehouse for the goods in transit through the city.
The Birthplace of Angelica Kauffmann
Angelica Kauffmann, 1741 - 1807, was famous as a painter, especially in Rome and London. Her mother was a citizen of Chur and her father a stuccoworker from Vorarlberg, Austria.
Church of St. Martin
The actual church, completed in 1491, was built after a fire had destroyed the 8th century church. It is the Protestant city church since 1526. On the right as you enter, are three glass windows painted by Augusto Giacometti 1919. The Tower was built in 1509, altered several times since, the present top dates from 1917/18. St.Martin's fountain is originally from 1716, the statue is a copy 1910.
The Museum of Fine Arts
Since 1919, the art collection of the canton of Grisons has been housed in the villa built between 1874 and 1876 for Jaques von Planta, a grisonese trader. The collection includes pictures, sculptures and graphic arts from the 16th century to the contemporary works of Angelica Kauffmann, Giovanni Segantini, Giovanni Giacometti, Augusto Giacometti, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner and others.
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