About Wildegg-Brugg
General Information
This small village is located in the middle of the canton Aargau and has developed itself constantly. Beside the international company Jura Cement, there are local and regional companies. The village consists of the two village areas Möriken and Wildegg with together approximately 4153 inhabitants. Within 10 minutes by car the cities of Aarau, Brugg or Baden can be reached.
The 3 star Hotel Aarehof is located between Aarau (11 km), Lenzburg (3 km) and Brugg (9 km), just opposite the railway Station Wildegg.
Arriving by Train
From Zurich, Berne or Basel via Aarau or Brugg to Wildegg within one hour.
Arriving by car
From Zurich, Berne or Basel on the motorway A1 to Aarau-Ost and then in direction Wildegg within one hour.
Wildegg Castle, Wildegg - baroque Castle Domain and Wildegg Garden Paradise
The castle, which is now surrounded by gardens, pastures and vineyards, was founded around 1200 by the Hapsburgs. For eleven generations the Effinger Family owned the estate with all its holdings. Since 2011, Castle Wildegg has been the property of Canton Aargau, and Museum Aargau has taken over the operation of the museum.
Today the baroque castle domain is spread over 100 hectares. It includes 37 buildings, gardens, an eco-farm, vineyards, a forested area, and enjoys fishing rights.
The living and working rooms of the castle are furnished with original furniture and bear witness to the upscale lifestyle and the refined taste of the Effinger family. Furniture and paintings, stoves and painted wallpaper, clocks and lamps, porcelain and weapons from various epochs are the best of the best.
Throughout the seasons, the gardens are a feast for the eye and an oasis of scents. They entice the visitor to stroll, smell and enjoy the amazing estate. The orchards and pleasure gardens of the castle are a window into a variety of rare garden and field plants and flowers as well as a variety of berries of the ProSpecieRara kind.
Lenzburg Castle, Lenzburg (3 km) - where the dragon once lived
It is 100 meters high and 250 meters wide. A dragon once lived on this small mountain. The two noble knights Wolfram and Guntram killed the dragon and were allowed to live on the dragon mountain ever after.
A legend describes the creation of Lenzburg Castle, one of the most important hilltop castles in Switzerland. The oldest parts of the castle date back to the 11th century, the era of the Count of Lenzburg. Subsequently, several aristocratic families owned the castle in turn. During the Bernese rule, the castle served as the residence of the governors and eventually fell into private hands.
In 1956 Canton Aargau bought the castle complex. Today several exhibitions of the Aargau Museum are housed in the castle: the residential museum, the weapons exhibition, sacral works of art from Aargau, objects related to culinary culture, Aargau silver and a children's museum in the attic of the governor's residence. A knights hall and castle courtyard are available for staging events.
Hotels in Wildegg-Brugg
Hotel Aarehof
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The Hotel Aarehof is located between Aarau, Lenzburg and Brugg, opposite the railway station. It offers 61 refurbished non-smoking rooms, six meeting- and banqueting rooms, a bar, a restaurant and free parking spaces.