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Vertical Booking

Vertical Booking is an innovative software programme that manages hotel reservations made via the internet (Booking Engine/CRS) and IDS (Synchro Channel Manager) and GDS (with direct connectivity) distribution.
It is designed to cater for the needs of every kind of hotel and hotel chain. The system also includes marketing tools that allow the hotelier to optimise revenue.
CE Computer Engineering AG

Consulting, conception, realization, implementation and service of long-lasting IT solutions for companies and public institutions.

Founded in 1992, and based in Zermatt, Switzerland, reconline offers a complete and affordable online distribution platform for small to mid-sized hotels and hotel chains to increase their visibility and materialize their potential in the major online hotel booking channels.
protel hotelsoftware

Since 1994, protel hotelsoftware has been developing and selling technology and service solutions specifically and exclusively for the hotel industry and related sectors.
hoxell - excellence in hospitality
hoxell is an innovative Swiss web-platform for hotels. It enables co-creation of the perfect guest experience by guests and staff. Through live interaction, customization and digitalized communication, hoxell creates value, improves customer loyalty and optimizes the hotel’s online reputation.

Since 2008, TrustYou has set the standard for online reputation management with solutions for hotels, restaurants, destinations and intermediaries to analyze online reviews, tweets and posts across the social web, to gather trusted reviews directly from its customers, and to use the authentic conversations to successfully market online reputations.

Synergy is a Dynamic Pricing System. This means that it helps hotels to increase profit by raising or lowering prices on different stay dates in a highly strategic way. At a minimum, the more popular stay dates will be priced higher than less popular stay dates. However, more advanced strategies and tactics are also possible.
Switzerland Tourism
Switzerland Tourism is Switzerland's national tourism marketing organization, with its headquarters in Zurich and presence in 27 countries.
Swiss Tourism Association (STV)

Swiss Quality Hotels International is a member of the Swiss Tourism Association (STV). The STV is an umbrella organisation that represents the interests and goals of the tourism sector at all political levels, and promotes a dynamic and future-oriented image of Swiss tourism and its service providers. The STV also runs the collaborative initiative “The quality seal of approval for Swiss tourism“.

Swiss Quality Hotels is a member of Hotelleriesuisse, the trade association of the Swiss hotel industry, which has 2975 members. Some 2050 of the association’s members are hotels, which generate 77 percent of overnight hotel stays in Switzerland. The classification of Swiss hotels is based on a catalogue of standards that was compiled by Hotelleriesuisse together with European partner associations. The sponsor of the standardised hotel classification system is the Hotelstars Union, which was set up in 2009. It operates under the auspices of HOTREC, the European umbrella organisation of the hotels, restaurants and cafés in Europe.

Gastrosuisse is the employers’ association for the hotel business and restoration. The association has around 3,000 Swiss hotels as members. With its 26 cantonal associations and four specialist groups, the association stands for proximity to its members and industry competence. The hotel classification of GastroSuisse is a standardised system and is valid throughout Switzerland. The hotels are classified from 1 star to 5 star according to defined and binding criteria that are based on the recommendations of the European association HOTREC.

HOTELCAREER as part of YOURCAREERGROUP has been one of the most well-known internet job portals in the German-speaking market since its founding in 1999. HOTELCAREER is one of the industry's leading portals, with more than 21,000 job listings and approximately 500,000 registered applicants, with more than 2.3 million ad views every month
Lindt & Sprüngli (Switzerland)

The smooth melting chocolate creations from Lindt & Sprüngli are the ideal sympathetic figure for any Swiss hotel. Whether as a gesture to your guests, employees or as a giveaway upon departure - at Easter, Christmas or in between – available with personalized design and logo, Lindt chocolate is offering many exquisite creations that fit your specific needs.
Horego - der Partner im Einkauf für die Hotellerie

Swiss Quality Hotels International is a founding member of HOREGO, the independent buying centre for the catering industry, the hotel business, homes, hospitals and educational facilities. HOREGO is the buying partner to Swiss Quality Hotels members. Thanks to its considerable purchasing volume HOREGO enjoys favourable terms with around 180 suppliers. More than 850 customers throughout Switzerland benefit from this.

Travellers appreciate additional services that were previously only available in form of comprehensive "packages" or in travel groups. In cooperation with Jaisli- Mobility-Services, guests will be able to directly supplement their hotel booking with additional bespoke services, such as the daily luggage transfer from hotel to hotel, reception at the airport and a personal briefing. There is nothing holding you back from an individual journey through Switzerland on foot, by bike or by train/bus.
Visa Bonus Card
Whether you’re traveling around the world or doing something decidedly more everyday, you can always rely on your Visa Bonus Card credit card. Enjoy security when you travel, carefree shopping, discounts, and a fantastic bonus program. All of which makes this Switzerland’s most attractive credit card. You can also use it to pay with the latest technology – by smartphone or smartwatch.
Visa LibertyCard
Traveling is even more rewarding with the Visa LibertyCard. The comprehensive “Carefree” package includes travel insurance and services you can always rely on, leaving you free to travel without a care. You can also enjoy all the benefits of the Liberty rewards program. The Visa LibertyCard makes traveling even more rewarding.
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