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Swiss Quality Classification
The four Swiss Quality Classifications

We are proud to have - in 2001 - been the first hotel group in Switzerland to have implemented our own strict hotel classification system, allowing you - our valued guest - to clearly appreciate the standard of your chosen hotel, even before your arrival.
Swiss Quality Excellence Hotel
Trust Score 88-100

Selected hotels which meet the highest expectations of quality in all aspects, both within and without, day after day. The personal commitment of the hotel staff creates a special ambience for guests to experience. The décor, furnishing and facilities of the hotels are as new and fulfil every desire. Commitment towards the guest goes so far as to compensate any unlikely failure to maintain expected services and standards.
Swiss Quality Superior Hotel
Trust Score 83-87

Renowned establishments with elegant atmosphere, stylish ambience and first-class service. Certain hotels in this category also provide outstanding cuisine. Rooms have the latest in technology and depending on location also have the most modern of conference and exclusive fitness training facilities.
Swiss Quality Value Hotel
Trust Score 76-82

Particularly comfortable, modern or stylish establishments. Perfect for the needs of business travellers, groups and the discerning holiday guest. Offering personal service throughout and fine cuisine in some of the hotels, these establishments also offer, depending on location, the most modern of conference and exclusive fitness training facilities.

Swiss Quality Economy Hotel
Trust Score 71-75

Comfortable hotels, ideal both for the individual guest and for groups for whom price plays a role, yet who still wish to experience a certain level of comfort. Local cuisine usually available either in the hotel or nearby. Some also have limited fitness training facilities.
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