About St. Gallen
General Information
The east Swiss metropolis St. Gallen has a big past. Name and birth go back on the monastery establishment by the travelling monk Gallus in the year 612. And you will meet the past while strolling through the magic oldest part of the town: the world-famous bay windows, the pleasant alleys, the lively squares with friendly caf├ęs. The big past created a blossoming present: St. Gallen is modern and open-minded. Over the city watches the impressive baroque cathedral, the heart of the pencil district which stands as a world cultural heritage under the protection of the UNESCO.
City walk
St. Gallen is a worth seeing city full of surprises to discover is worthwhile. The probably best way, to get to know the city and to understand is the participation in a led city walk. The adept and linguistic-informed guides of St. Gallen-Bodensee tourism open to the guests the most beautiful sides of the city and provide an extensive impression of the brilliant past as far as present.
Places to visit
Old part of town
The numerous merchants of the city decorated the facades of their dwelling-houses with the often rich-decorated extensions. Many of these bay windows survived and lend alternation and artistic jewellery to the alley picture.
From the original eleven gates of the city wall, the 1570 built Karlstor has stayed as the only one till today. It is named after cardinal Karl Borromaeus from Milan who should have crossed the gate as the first one.
Three ponds
The beautiful nature ponds above St. Gallen invite you for a walk or for a bath. Fantastic view over the city St. Gallen up to Lake of Constance. Beautiful bath houses are one of the highlights in this romantic surrounding. Restaurants: kiosk with rich offer at Manne- and Chruezweier during the swimming season, restaurant Dreilinden and restaurant Scheitlinsb├╝chel all year round opened.
Wild park Peter and Paul
The park is at each time a delightful trip. Alpine stone supports, noble deers as well as chamois in herds of changing size live today in the animal park. In separate enclosures you will discover wild pigs and marmots as well as wildcats. The wood paths between these animal varieties and the numerous lookout points make a walk in the park a naturenear and a recovery seed experience for young and old.
St. Laurenzen Church with view point
With the introduction of the Reformation in the city St. Gallen during the 1520s became a Saint Laurenzen the main church of the members of the Reformed Church citizenry. Since the transformation of 1850/54 the church presents itself as a basilica in the neo-Gothic style.
Hotels in St. Gallen
There are no hotels in this region.
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